Why Revive My Inbox?

"I spend more time in my inbox than with my family. If it weren't for email, I would be a much happier person."

Do you identify with this quote? You aren't alone. For many people, email is source of dread, stress, and anxiety. Though email usage was down for teenagers last year, the rest of us set new records for the amount of email we handled in 2011 (especially if we use it at work).

Don't worry. We're here to help.

The last few years have also been banner years for the amount of meaningful research performed on email productivity. And the tools we have available today are more powerful than ever before. If we can combine the most effective techniques from new research with information about how to best use the new tools, 2012 can be a turning point. We hope that the Revive Your Inbox 21-day program will help you feel in control of your email, and help you stop letting it control you.

Revive Your Inbox summarizes the results of hundreds of hours of research and software engineering into an actionable, achievable program. The program will help you think differently about how you manage email, by introducing you to tested techniques to help you:

  • Focus - The most significant barrier to effective email usage is being able to focus our attention on the most important messages. That's hardly our fault - email marketing campaigns, social networking emails to keep you engaged on their sites, and the anything-goes attitude toward sending email have conspired to make it hard to spend attention where it's required. We'll help you develop techniques to give each email your undivided attention, for just the right amount of time.
  • Prioritization - For some of us, just responding to every email we receive is an impossibility - more email arrives during a single day than someone working 16 hours a day could ever get through. Almost everyone receives too many projects and requests to handle all of them well. We'll show you workflows and tools that can help make sure you keep track of the most important emails, while making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Completing this 21-day program will help you:

  • Acquire new tools and strategies to handle email more effectively
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Identify your email personality
  • Be the proud owner of a healthy inbox
  • Eliminate the causes of email anxiety
  • Enjoy more free time

So go ahead and try the course. We ask you to commit up front to completing the course, but it's completely free to sign up. We won't misuse your email address or your phone number.

Who are you?

Oh, right, we should probably introduce ourselves. We're Boomerang, and we make email productivity tools that actually work.

Since 2009, we've eaten, slept, and breathed email. We're pretty geeky, so things like reading email productivity research papers and testing out every tool that comes out strikes us as a pretty good time. We wanted to share all that knowledge with folks who could use it, so we distilled the most useful things we've learned into this program.

When we're not building this program, we're busy building a couple really effective email products. Boomerang is an email scheduling tool that helps you focus on messages that are important now. The Email Game is a fun email client that helps make going through messages faster. Don't worry, you'll meet both of them (along with a ton of other great tools that we've tried out) further along in the program. If you'd like to find out more about us, click here. Or better yet, sign up for the program and use some of the time you'll be freeing up to check us out next week.